Email Address: a discrete social network allowing you to grant or limit access to others, event by event a social network with updates organised by events you've attended
SidsHouse allows everyone to upload memories and photos to the same place online.
All your memories, properly organised, in one place, at last…
Free to use…    password protected and encrypted
Having a party? Going on holiday? Attending a wedding? Celebrating something special?
Only want people who attended an event to see the updates?   Join SidsHouse.
People you no longer see still viewing your social media updates?   Join SidsHouse
Don’t want your brother’s cousin’s best friend seeing your status updates?   Time to join SidsHouse
Sign up, create an event, place it in some categories, upload some images, embed video, and comment. Invite others to share.



What is SidsHouse?

Sid's House is a new social network which allows users to organise their updates and photos by events attended.


Is SidsHouse free?

Yes, SidHouse is free to use.


How is SidsHouse different to Facebook?

SidsHouse is structured around events and therefore more restrictive (which we think is a huge benefit). Events, such as parties, celebrations, sporting events and weddings have to be set up before any updates can be added. Only when events have been created can you invite people who were in attendance. They in turn, will then be able to view an event's feed and add their own updates.


Will only those who attended an event be able to view my updates?

No. You can invite viewers to look at your updates (if they weren't in attendance). However, They will only be able to view your updates, nobody else's.


Does SidsHouse offer a photo gallery?

Yes, SidsHouse offers several ways of viewing photos. You will be able to view indivual photos in an event's general feed. If you click on a photo, this will take you to a javascript gallery allowing you to scroll through every photo uploaded by an individual for a particular event. Each photo comes with a button marked [], which takes the user to a full screen image of a specific photo.


Sid's House was written by and continues to be developed by BusyView